About us

AdjustableElectricBeds.com.au is an Australian family owned and operated business dedicated to supplying Electronic Adjustable Beds to the public at better prices – without forgetting quality.

Meeting your needs

We believe nothing beats a good nights’ sleep and nothing can supply a better nights’ sleep than one of our Electronic Adjustable Beds.
We invite you to join the thousands of Australians who have switched to sleeping with all the health advantages that an Electronic Adjustable Bed has to offer from improved breathing to less joint pain.
If you need to contact us you’ll receive informed advice and know you are not talking to a call centre, which is simply just ‘flogging’ another product.
When you contact us, you will instantly notice the difference with our extensive product knowledge and professionalism. We may ask you a few questions you haven’t been asked before because we want what you want – the best bed for you… I guess that’s the difference, we want to listen to your needs and answer those needs.

Experience the comfort you have been looking for

We want you to treat yourself to a level of comfort that you simply cannot achieve in a standard flat bed.

We want you to wake refreshed, feel re-energised and tell your friends why!

We want you to take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee and for you to know with our trusted reputation for quality, value and better prices; that you are at the right place


We want you to experience transparency when you deal with us. We are upfront with our pricing so you wont get confused.
You will know exactly which mattress and bed base you have ordered.
We want you to know you have an extended warranty.
You will know the whole price – we don’t sell ‘optional extras’, that are usually necessities.
You don’t get charged extra for our attention to detail with an extra internal 100% cotton cover on all mattresses or the premium ‘cool touch’ quilted cover on all mattresses or the brackets and batteries or extra long back saver legs! In fact our electronic adjustable beds prices include our best, most comfortable, pressure relieving mattresses.

Dedication, experience and professionalism

If you choose to purchase from us you are also choosing over 30 years of experience and efficiency. Since 1981 we have been helping our cleints choose the right bed.

That brings us to how and why we started our journey back in 1981. Our founder Anthony, a health professional knows about backs and beds, knows about backs and the importance of sleep. Anthony is extremely aware that your bed can affect your sleep – And how you feel. Increasingly. Medical studies are continually proving a lack of deep restful sleep affects us both physically and emotionally; having a direct impact on health – indeed on how long we live.

Research continues to prove the importance of a good nights’ sleep

The more comfortable you are in bed, with a reduction of pressure on your hips and shoulders, the less your body needs to move and less you need to toss and turn to find a more comfortable position while you sleep. With less movement, the deeper, the more relaxed your sleep and the more REM (deep meaningful sleep) you get. It’s a scientific fact that the more REM sleep you get the more you will waken feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Complementing your Adjustable Bed

To produce a better bed Anthony needed a better bedding material – and that material was Latex – 100% Natural. Latex’s advantages as a bedding material are legendary and until recently, the price was out of reach to all but the most privileged. That’s the reason you don’t see it in the less expensive mattresses. Stay in a 5 star hotel and you’ll most likely be sleeping on latex. In fact besides the rarest of fine wools, latex is the most expensive bedding material in the world!

With time Electronic Adjustable Beds Australia has increased its product line to include the finest of mattresses available.

When you purchase from Electronic Adjustable Beds Australia, like many, you may simply be looking for the best nights’ sleep possible. You can rest assured with our companies background that you’ll be purchasing the best nights’ sleep ever!

– Sleep Well , Anthony