MLily Visco-Elastic Mattress Topper


“The perfect solution for significantly softening your existing firm or uncomfortable mattress, and reducing pressure on painful joints and aching muscles – Founder Dr Anthony Ivory BSc, D.C USA”

Transform your old, hard, uncomfortable mattress in just 60 seconds!

You should seriously consider investing in one of our stunning quality MLily Visco-Elastic Mattress Topper if you are searching for a better, more comfortable nights’ sleep.

Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by keeping your existing bed and transforming it into the mattress you’ve always wanted. Big statement? Not at all, you will be absolutely amazed at how much difference one of our toppers will make and you will be wondering why you’ve put up with your current mattress for so long!

Historically doctors have been aware of the benefits of reducing stress on the body with mattress toppers, subsequently mattress toppers have been used widely by the medical community for years ; improving the comfort of those spending long periods of time in bed or those seeking pressure reduction on joints and aching muscles

If your current mattress has springs hanging out of it or looks like a hammock then you’d be better visiting our mattress page to choose the mattress you desperately need. If that’s not the case, then we have you covered with the biggest, best range of mattress toppers going around. As a family company we take pride in making sure you get what you really need. We don’t run a clearing house flogging inferior ‘one size fits all’ product which may or may not suit your needs.

With one of our mattress toppers / overlays you can;

  Soften your hard mattress

  Markedly reduce tossing and turning due to a previous uncomfortable or lumpy mattress

  Relive joint pain and muscle soreness

  Reduce painful joints and improve your circulation

  Virtually eliminate movement disturbance from your partner

  Provide a new clean layer on to your old mattress

  Enjoy incredibly comfortable full body cushioning and support

  Enjoy total change to the entire feel of your mattress

  Delay the need to spend more and blowing your budget on a new mattress

  Ease your back, hip and shoulder pain in bed

For further professional help or to process a phone order please call 1300 349 771, you’ll be glad you did!

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