Bowtie pillow


Possibly our most popular pillow. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back this pillow is for you if you prefer a lower profile pillow. Shaped to accommodate the shoulders and keeping the neck straight at all times this is a pillow suitable for children, those with smaller frames, and those who enjoy  the benefits of a lower pillow.

We are committed to supplying you with a better pillow for a better nights’ sleep. A pillow should never be an after thought!! The right pillow can make the difference between you getting a better nights’ sleep and when you can simply not get to sleep. With the best pillows available we have the right pillow for you at the right price.


Our specialty is helping you in choosing the perfect pillow, whether it be a soft contoured pillow, a special snoring pillow or a sleep Apnoea pillow. We have a wide range of latex pillows and memory foam pillows; which many believe are the worlds two best pillow materials.


Whether you are looking for a better pillow or you cant get a good night’s sleep, we have the biggest range of therapeutic pillows to help you sleep!


At EABA ™ we understand the importance of a great pillow. Many companies claim to sell the ‘perfect pillow’ – people are different shapes and sizes with different needs and of different ages. Logically a perfect pillow is unlikely, however we have such a wide range of the best pillows that we are confident in helping you with a better pillow and a better sleep.


Below are lists of the types of pillows we have to help you sleep!. (Some pillows out of stock will be removed from the online store. In saying this if there is a specific pillow you cannot find please call 1300 349 771 )

Anti-snoring pillows

Chiropractic pillows

Sleepwhisper™ pillows

Dunlop ™ therapeutic pillows

Contoured pillows

Foam pillows

Soft contoured pillows

Pillows for shoulder pain

Pillows for neck pain

Orthopedic pillows

Side sleeper pillows

Back sleeper pillows

Memory foam pillows

Latex pillows

Sleep Apnoea pillows

Children’s pillows

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