Pillows Online

With pure latex pillows of amazing quality and purity, our pillow selection is in demand all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.

We are committed to supplying you with a better pillow for a better nights’ sleep. A pillow should never be an after thought! The right pillow can make the difference between you getting a better night sleep or no sleep. With the best pillows Australia has to offer, we have the right pillow for you, at the right price.

Premium quality certified to international standards set by German organisations ECO & LGA.

Our specialty is helping you in choosing the perfect pillow, whether it be a soft contoured pillow for neck support and comfort or a special snoring pillow to help you breathe and enjoy deeper more restful sleep. We have a wide range of latex pillows and memory foam pillows, the worlds two best pillow materials.

Whether you are looking for a better pillow than you already have or you cant get a good nights’ sleep; you can rely on us as we have the biggest range of therapeutic pillows to help you sleep.

At Electronic Adjustable Beds Australia we understand the importance of a great pillow, and we supply the best pillows online. Many companies claim to sell the ‘perfect pillow. No one pillow is perfect as people are different shapes and sizes with different needs and of different ages. Logically a perfect pillow is unlikely, however we have such a wide range of pillows that we are confident in helping you with a better pillow and a better nights’ sleep.

Below are lists of the types of pillows we have to help you sleep!. (Some pillows out of stock will be removed from the online store. In saying this if there is a specific pillow you cannot find please call 1300 349 771 )

Pillows online that Electronic Adjustable Beds Australia supplies;

  • Anti-snoring pillows online
  • Chiropractic pillows online
  • SleepWhispere(™) pillows online
  • Dunlop therapeutic pillows online
  • Contoured pillows online
  • Foam Pillows
  • Soft contoured pillows online
  • Shoulder pillows online
  • Neck pillows online
  • Side sleeping pillows online
  • Back sleeper pillows online
  • Memory Foam pillows online
  • Latex pillows online
  • Organic 100% latex pillows
  • Children’s pillows