Did you know?

In medicine the fowlers position is a standard patient position. It is used for improving comfort, relieving pain, making eating easier or reading in bed. This relaxes the abdominal muscles allowing for improved breathing, promoting improved oxygenation through the lungs via improved muscular chest expansion.

Bedding Quality

How does your latex mattress help my back?

Our latex mattresses are specifically designed to support your body for years.  By supporting and protecting the natural curves of the spine your muscles can relax with pressure relieved in the joints of the spine and with less joint pressure you can experience less pain.  Our mattresses ability to provide the right balance of cushioning comfort and support can have a profound effect on your health.  Less pain, less stiffness mean a happier, more vital you.

Is Foam and Latex different?

Yes, in many ways.  As a topper latex generally has a slightly more supportive, ‘push back’ feel where memory foam has a more ‘sink in’ feel.

How's it different?

Latex is considered a more natural product where visco-elastic memory foam is a type of foam manufactured with petro chemicals.

Why in some cases do I need to give my new topper time to get use to?

Your body needs time to  adapt and re-educate itself.  It has spent years learning to adapt to an uncomfortable surface.  All our toppers are quality and in time you wont look back.

Which density is best for me?

We are the only company we know that gives you a choice – and choice can be confusing, right! Ok, if you want to really soften a hard bed – go soft.  If you have a lot of joint pain and need cushioning – go soft.  If you’re existing mattress is a touch firm and needs a bit of modifying – go medium. If your 90kg or more consider medium for the extra support you may need.  When you need to firm up a bed go firm.

What base do I need, if I buy a new mattress?

Anyone saying “any type will do” or “sprung or slatted”, it doesn’t matter, should lose their job. Slats are the answer and make sure its sturdy enough to take the mattress weight, you, your partner, a dog or 2 and grandchildren.

How is your latex mattress going to help my sleep?

The more comfortable you are, the less you toss and turn and the deeper, more relaxed sleep you can expect,  That’s the secret of our latex bedding – You can expect years of support, while enjoying a healthier nights sleep, with latex being hypo-allergenic and dust mite intolerant.

Do I need a new pillow with my new mattress?

A pillow should never be an afterthought when purchasing a bed.  There is nothing better than the comfort provided by a clean pillow. With over 30 years of experience in customer service we are here to provide truly personalised service, not only meeting, but beating your expectations. We stand by our product, our warranties and guarantees.

What type of latex is the latex mattress? Latex mattresses are made via 2 processes, they are the Talalay or Dunlop. Which do you use?

We only use ‘Dunlop’ Processed latex. N.B.  Dunlop is the name of the process – it is not associated with the Dunlop brand.  The Dunlop process is internationally considered the purest form of latex mattress manufacture.

Is the inside of the Latex mattress made entirely from purely latex? Many 'latex' mattresses contain foam layers, springs and wool, with many latex mattresses only containing a 'top' layer of latex.

Our latex bedding is purely latex from top to bottom – when purchasing we will happily sign off on the fact that your latex mattress is as described.  You can rest assured knowing your getting what you paid for.

Why purchase from us?

As a family run business great pride is taken in sourcing only the best quality and widest selection.  We guarantee our productss are internationally certified to the highest of standards. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and ability to totally customise to your requirements – Whether you need super soft or extra firm we have what you need. Our hugely popular King and Queen no partner disturbance dual mattresses allow each partner to sleep on the level of firmness they need for a great night’s sleep, without the interruption experienced with most mattresses when your partner moves in bed.

What about allergies and dust mites and our latex mattresses?

Being 100% latex, our mattress naturally repel dust mites.  This is achieved with a protein compound in the latex itself as well as the 100% Cotton inner cover.  Latex, is also recommended for those with allergies and asthma as the latex doesn’t break down and crumble creating dust like normal foam does.

How long can I expect a latex mattress to last?

In general, now days the Health Department would like to see us change our mattress after 5 to 8 years.  A latex mattress can be expected to last 10 to 15 years.  It is advised  to use mattress protectors and to replace the protector every year or two.  Use common sense and treat the latex mattress as a high quality piece of furniture……… which it is.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes we offer an Australian 10 Year guarantee on all our 100% latex mattresses

Electronic Adjustable Beds

Are they easy to move around the room?

Due to the weight of the base, we recommend being carried by 2 or more people if movement is required. If you want the flexibility of moving your base around we can offer lockable castors

Do they come in different colours?

The base comes in a neutral brown, studies show that this colour goes best with general bedroom settings.

Am I able to use my existing mattress?

Depending on the type of mattress you are currently sleeping on, yes. However inner spring and box mattresses lack the flexibility required for the EAB’s maximum benefits. Recommended mattresses are Latex or Memory form.

Where are the bases made?

The motors used in our Electronic Adjustable Beds are made by German Okin. The steel frame and fabrics are made under supervison in China.

What is the warranty on the base?

Our Electronic Adjustable Bases come with a 10 year warranty on the frame and 5 year warranty for the Okin motor.

I have an existing bedroom set, will an EAB fit?

Our Electronic Adjustable Bases have the same specifics as any other style of bed base. These beds can be easily put inside an existing frame (pending dimensions)

Can I go from synchronised settings to dual settings and visa versa?

Yes this is no problem at all, please refer to user manual for instructions.

Do they all come with the metal pole at the end of the mattress? Can I remove this pole?

Yes this pole is an essential part of the Electronic Adjustable Base. This pole is required to hold the mattress on the bed when the bed is in an upright position. Without this pole the mattress may come off the bed. The Pole is removable, however we do not recommend this.

Do I need to get the bed installed or can I do it myself?

You are not required to get the bed installed by our delivery team, however due to the weight of the bed, we recommend 2 or more people be present if you are attempting to instal the bed yourself.

Do the Electronic Adjustable Beds come with a back up battery?

Yes this option is avaialble on selected base models. The back up battery allows the bed to be raised or lowered in the event of a power out.

Can I get casters?

Yes Casters are available

Do the legs only come in silver?

Yes they do, studies show that this colour goes best with general bedroom settings.

Does each split require separate sheets?

This depends on how the EAB is set to operate. This both sides are set to operate as one, then one fitted mattress will be adequate, however if the EAB is on a dual system, 2 split sheets will allow the base to work at its optimal effectiveness.

Do they come with headboards?

No they do not come with headboards, however headboards are available to be purchased.

Do the feet of the EAB scratch the floor?

The bed in a stationary position will not scratch the floor, however should you attempt to slide the EAB across a hard floor, scratching is a possiblity.

Are they readily available?


Are they easy to repair?

Yes. Each component of the Electronic Adjustable Base can be replaced if required.

Does the base sag?

The Electronic Adjustable Bases  does not sag. The frame of the mattress comes with a 10 warranty.

Is it bad for the mattress if the bed remains upright for an extended period of time?

This depends on the type of mattress you have on the EAB. Refer to question 3

If we lose one remote, can we control both sides with the one remote?

Yes this is possible. Refer to user manual for instructions.

Do you have base covers so the bed looks like one piece?

We do not stock these types of covers.

What sizes do the beds come in?

We stock a range of bed sizes from Extra long singles through to King Sized Beds

Slatted Bases

Where are the Electronic Adjustable Beds Australia’s Slatted Bases made?

Our bed bases are all made by hand in Western Australia. All bases are made to order and please allow 3-4 working days for build time

What are the benefits of a slatted bed base over a standard base?

Slatted bed bases are designed to provide maximum comfort and support for latex and memory foam mattresses. They allow the mattress to “breathe”, making for a healthier nights sleep with improved ventilation, so mould and mildew don’t build up over time.

What happens if I break a slat?

It is very rare for a slat to break (see Warranty & Care Information), however in the unlikely event this does occur, we will assess each case on its merits.

Do You have adjustable bases?

Yes – please see ‘Electronic Adjustable Beds’ in the main tab bar

Can I keep my current bed surround and just update the base or slats?

Yes – all of our bed bases are designed to be installed inside bed surrounds.

Do your bases support any type of mattress?


What is the Warranty on your bed bases?

All of our bed bases include a 5 year warranty – see warranty & care information.

Do you slatted bases come in different colours and fabrics?

Yes we have a large selection of fabrics and colours available. Please call 1300 349 771 for more information or visit one of our showrooms.

Caring for your bed

What if I thought my mattress topper was a bit softer or harder than I thought it would be?

Relax! Our years of experience have demonstrated that its important to sleep on your new bedding for atleast a month before coming to a conclusion!

How do I care for my new topper?

We suggest you use of a high quality mattress protector on your topper. If needed use a sponge and spot clean, squeezing gently to remove excess water. Never use bleach, cleaning agents or hot water. Do not dry or place any latex in the direct sunglight

Can I use an electric blanket?

With latex YES. With memory foam NO.

How do I clean my mattress?

Our mattress covers can be removed for cleaning, meaning a healthier clean sleeping enviornment. You can remove the cover and dry clean only. Do not wash by machine.

Delivery and Purchasing

What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, Cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer

Can I Pay by money order or cheque?

Yes, however please remember all cheques need to be cleares before your product is dispatched

What is a credit card payment?

Real time payment through our eaba.com.au website; Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted

Is this website secure for credit card payments?

Yes, Did you know that website purchases are more secure than using your credit card in a retail shop. We have a security SSL certificate for your peace of mind

Do you offer lay-by?

Yes, no problem. Just remember there is no refund of your lay-by payments if you change your mind. We are very flexible with payments . All lay-bys must be settled within 6 months (180 days) of initial payment. Initial payment must be 25% or more of full purchase price.

How safe is my information kept with Electronic Adjustable Beds Australia?

All information you send us is encrypted in transit. If somehow someone attempts to read the information you send us then all they see is an incomprehensable message. The technology we use is called digital security certificates. This program is provided by one of the most established certification authoroties worldwide called Rapid SSL Certificate

What does Electronic Adjustable Beds Australia do to improve its security?

We do not store any credit card details anywhere. We only use third parties that satisy our strict security standards. We also use extreme networking secutiry measures such as fire walling and VPN’s

Do your prices include GST?

Yes, except for products GST exempt

Does an Item I am looking to buy come with a warranty/guarantee?

Yes, All products come with a warranty. Please See ‘Warranty” under the information tab.

If I have a warranty/guarantee claim and need to return my item, who pays for the postage cost?

We recommend taking tranist insurance on your return postage, as items in transit are your responsibility until received back at our warehouse. All costs associated with a return are the responsibilty of the purchaser and will be reimbursed if the product is defective

How long is my warranty/guarantee on my product?

Pillows 1 year, Toppers 4 years, Mattress 10 years

What about unpacking (opening) our bedding?

Do not rush unpacking your product. Enthusiatic unpacking may result in damage to your product. Avoid pullin, ripping or tearing your product by handling with care.

How can some companies offer free Delivery on a large bulky item, like a mattress?

It’s easy! The only real way to so is factor it into the price you pay for your mattress. Theres no such thing as a “free lunch.” more than likely they are making money on it aswell. With us, we keep each item separate and charge an avergae of what the freight company charges us. NO MISY. NO MAGIC. You know exactly what your paying for.

Is it true there is deleivery and then there's delivery?

Absolutely. Offer what looks like a cheap price and save with “we don’t care how it arrives delivery”. When you choose our beatiful bedding we are not happy until you’re happy. I guess that’s one of the reasons we get the referrals we do

How can some company offer free mattress delivery?

Easy, supply an inferior product or load the price of the mattress! Nothing is FREE. Trucks, staff, packaging etc are not free.

Can I pick my topper up from your warhouse?

To offer you a premium quality product at these prices, we must automate our dispatch process

What about product delivery?

Prior to acceptance of goods from the courier / shipping agent; check that you are happy to receive your good.  Once signed responsibility turns to you.

Can I place an order over the phone?

absolutely, we are not paying other people in a call centre who may or may not be able to answer your questions. We love a chat being a family concern. We can answer your questions right away

If I have other questions, do you mind if I call again?

Not at all. Its all about peace of mind. This web page is pretty extensive and will have most of your questions answered. However if in doubt please call us

If you’ve got such a premium quality product why are you so reasonably priced?

Great question. We are a family business (31 years). We have the contact, buying power and industry knowledge to do it right and get it right. Without sounding corny, we wont sacrifice quality for price, its bad businss for you…. And us.

Why buy from Electronic Adjustable Beds Australia?

Quality, service, value and price. We are really good people doing a great job. “We know our stuff”

How do you compare with the others?

We are not a clearing house for excess stock or cheap goods. We will be there when the others wont want to know you

Can I order by phone?

If at any stage you feel uncomfortable securely ordering your products online, you can call our online shop help desk on 1300 349 771 to complete your order

If you have any other FAQs please do not hesitate to contact us 1300 349 771.