How To Choose Bed Sheets

How To Choose Bed Sheets

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The choice of ½ queen and ½ king sheets is huge. What are the best bed sheets? Does thread count count?

Let’s get to the basics about the best bed sheets.

Bed sheets can be made from linen, tencil (wood fiber), bamboo, cotton, organic cotton, aloe vera or beech wood and polyester!

Cotton thread length is measured in how long the staple fibers are: The longer the better is the answer and Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton have long staples and make great bed sheets.

Whether a percale or sateen weave, cotton feels smooth and soft on the skin.

More important than thread count is the type of cotton – Egyptian and Pima are finer and softer than Indian or Cambric cotton. When shopping a 500 thread count in Egyptian or Pima will be softer than Indian Cotton, however it will be more expensive than the Indian or Cambric Cotton.

Simply, longer staple cottons, Egyptian and Pima have a softer less harsh feel than shorter staple cottons.

There are two ways to weave cotton for bed sheets, percale or sateen. A percale sheet will have a cool, crisp feel whereas a cotton sateen sheet will have a silky, softer feel.

The choice of weave should be based on your preference for crisp (percale) or silky (sateen) bed sheets.

Linen sheets are luxurious. Linen sheets contain more texture than cotton bed sheets. Linen can naturally wick moisture from your body without making you cold. There is nothing better than sleeping between linen sheets in summer. Linen fibers are extremely strong and good linen sheets will last for years.

Other fibers used in bed sheets are beech wood and or bamboo. These fibers are also natural with the same characteristics as cotton and linen. We will discuss these fibers later.

If we can help you with half king sheets or half queen sheets we would love to help you.